Jay Olmos
Jay Olmos
Sysadmin/SRE + Photographer

Hello there!

I'm Jay Olmos (Javier Arranz), a professional photographer with a lot of creativity taking pictures and easiness managing all kind of situations.

I worked for UberEats Spain, Take Eat Easy, Pernod Ricard Spain (ButragueƱo-bottlander agency), Tuenti and several small businesses in Spain.

Since I can remember I've been in love with art: cinema, photography, painting. But also I've been in love with technology and how things work. That's why I was a SysAdmin until 2014 when my other passion came into play.

Changes come with a price and I think everyone should work on their own "Holstee Manifesto". Mine is very simple: follow your instincts. And so I did...

I created a project: Pictob. I managed a photography team in Madrid for big companies like UberEats and small ones like different restaurants around the city. Nowadays the project's still running and this is because I mixed my technology background with photography and managing needs, so only a little human interaction is needed from time to time. 

Now I think that maybe it's time for a change, again.


... TBD ...



JIRA, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, GDT, Bullet Journal, Gantt, etc. There are so many different ways to coordinate and manage teams. During my working experience I learned that every occasion is different so the approach in management terms.

For example, in Pictob I decided to use JIRA as my core, mixing also Google for business tools (mail, calendar, drive),  Acuity scheduling for automation with clients and Squarespace as my hosting. In my daily basis, I've been using Bullet Journal for two years now.

Team management is not only about tools but empathy and ethics too. Feeling that your team is working fine and on time is crucial, also to have honesty not only with them but also if you report to somebody.




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